Councillor Darryl Wilson tops the poll for UUP in Ballymoney.

Ballymoney Councillor for the UUP Darryl Wilson, alongside running partner Tom McKowen, have both secured another term in council.

Councillor Wilson alongside his daughters . 📸McAuley Multimedia

Darryl, being only the second election he has fought, topped the poll in Ballymoney with 1420 1st preference votes and was elected at the stage 1 count alongside DUPs John Finlay with 1322 And Sinn Féin’s Leanne Peacock with 1153 1st preference votes.

The remaining councillors to be elected for Ballymoney were the DUPs Ivor Wallace & Alan McLean, UUP Tom McKeown as mentioned and Sinn Féin’s Cathal McLaughlin.

The TUV lost out on a seat and this along with Boyd Douglas from Benbradagh DEA, who also lost his seat for TUV, leaves the party with no representation on the Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council.


Eligible Electorate 17,213

Total Votes Polled 8,885

% Turnout 51.61%


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