A peaceful protest, titled ‘Storm Stormont’, has attracted providence wide support after a recent Facebook page was setup encouraging people to attend and support immediate action by MLA’s on the lack of mental health resources in N.I.

With over 1,000 people have marked as going and a further 3,500 plus interested, the protest is aimed at putting pressure on the country’s political representatives to make mental health a priority.

One of the organisers Chloe Murphy has said that:

“when our voices become unheard our actions become our only voice.

“Our vision is to use our voices and our presence to show Stormont that we can and we will stand together to fight for better mental health services.


Chloe also spoke to the Belfast Telegraph and telling them:

“We want to show that it’s a real problem that won’t just go away – it needs a revolution,” she explained.

“The suicide rates are the highest they’ve ever been. 

“To be the smallest part of the UK and to have the highest rate just speaks volumes, really.”

The protest has been arranged to take place at Stormont on February 1st from 12 noon and further details can be found at their Facebook Page.

You can also donate to their GoFund Page to help cover the event costs with any leftover money from donations going to charity.

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