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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Car parking charges introduced

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At a special Council meeting tonight, despite a previous decision on car parking charges, A majority of Councillors have now agreed to introduce and increases charges at a number of locations.

This followed the DUP putting forward a motion to rescind that decision. That notice to rescind was proposed and signed by Councillor Callan, Councillor McAuley, Alderman Finlay, Councillor Scott, Alderman S McKillop, Councillor McLean, Councillor Knight-McQuillan, Alderman Robinson, Alderman McCorkell.

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The motion read:

“We undersigned would like to rescind the decision made by Council on 7th January Item 6 review of Car Parking Charging. This is under Standing Orders 23 (1)”. 

Following a discussion tonight by Councillors, it was agreed to increase these parking charges at some locations and introduce charges in Portrush.

There will however be conditions on these charges in Portrush. They will include:

  • A residents parking scheme at Townhead Street and the East & West strand.
  • There will also be a scheme put in place for patients at Portrush medical centre.
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