Police in Ballymena are advising residents to be wary of unsolicited phone calls.
It follows a report from an older resident who was contacted at home by a man who claimed to represent the housing authorities.
Constable Gillan explains: “The caller asked the lady a series of questions about her home, the layout and where she kept her money and valuables. Fortunately the resident did not provide any of this information and terminated the call.
We have since contacted the organisation the male claimed to represent and they have no record of any employee having made such a call and have indicated to us that such calls are in fact never made by them.
Anyone who receives such a telephone call should treat it with suspicion. Never give out any personal information to an unsolicited caller, particularly financial information or details that could be used to assume your identity.
Anyone who believes they may have received a fraudulent or bogus call should contact police on 101.”